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Operational Sites and Bases

Missile Sites

Air Defense Missile Battery

RAF Bawdsey, Suffolk

RAF Bawdsey, Suffolk

Full name of site:

RAF Bawdsey, Suffolk


Woodbridge IP12 3BA, Storbritannien

Operational period:




Primary user:



Bloodhound surface to air to missiles were second generation air defence weapons developed by the United Kingdom from the late 1940s.

The first static version was deployed on eleven sites in England in the late 1950s primarily to protect the country’s nuclear deterrent forces. The second type was transportable and had lighter infrastructure needs including concrete platforms for the missile launchers, search radars and control cabins.

Between the 1960s and 1991 this system operated from seven bases in England. The Bloodhound system was also exported to Sweden and Switzerland and deployed in West Germany to protect a number of RAF stations.



Valuation of authenticity and integrity:

The Bloodhound missile system was designed to be transportable and at the time of closure it was simply driven off site. The layout of the missile emplacements remains intact and most of the asscoiated buildings survive.

Status and access:

No public access.

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