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Civilian Emergency Services

Police Station or Police Command Facility

Historical Exposition “The Burning Conscience”

Historical Exposition “The Burning Conscience”

Full name of site:

Cēsis KGB Facility


Pils iela 12, Cēsis, Cēsu pilsēta, Letland

Operational period:




Primary user:



The historical exhibit ‘Fire of Conscience’ is located in Cēsis, near the Cēsis Castle Square. Established in a Soviet-era temporary detention facility, it tells about the occupation of Latvia and reveals surprising and heroic stories of resistance from individuals. The yard features a memorial wall with the names of 643 residents of the former Cēsis district who died in Soviet repressions, including national partisans deported in 1941 and 1949 and those shot and sentenced to death. The exhibit’s timeline encourages visitors to study the course of the occupation of Latvia from 1939 to 1957.


Cēsis Association of Latvian Politically Repressed Persons

Valuation of authenticity and integrity:

Everything here is real: cells with iron doors, built-in ‘kormushkas’ (small openings for providing food), plank beds, a latrine for detainees, a small kitchen with an oven, as well as typical Soviet-era oil paint on the walls.

Status and access:

Museum. Open to the public

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