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Protection and Civil Defense

Civilian Command Facilities

Regional Govermental Facility

Commandopost Burgerbescherming Rijswijk

Commandopost Burgerbescherming Rijswijk

Full name of site:

Commandopost Burgerbescherming Rijswijk. Civil Protection Command Centre Rijswijk.


Van Vredenburchweg 176A, 2285 SE Rijswijk, Holland

Operational period:




Primary user:

Civil Defense (Ministry of the Interior)


The site is a former WW2 German communication post which was repurposed in 1952 for the Civil Defense organisation. It consists of two underground complexes, a building to practice emergency evacuations and accomodations for education and training.


Municipality Rijswijk

Valuation of authenticity and integrity:

Baseline 1986. The exterior and interior is considered to be relatively complete. The nuclear shelter has been refurnished as the original command center, including civil defense equipment.

Status and access:

Access: partial. The site is managed by the NGO Museum Bescherming Bevolking, through which tours and other activities can be booked outside regular ‘visitor days’.

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