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Hara sadam

Hara sadam

Full name of site:

Hara sadam- ajalooline allveelaevade baas. Hara harbour- historical submarine base


Hara, Harju maakond, Estland

Operational period:




Primary user:

Soviet Navy


Hara harbour is situated on the coast of the Gulf of Finland. There was a border guard outpost on the shoreline facing the island of Hara, which was used during both the imperial era and the era of Estonian independence prior to World War II. The outpost was taken over by the Soviet Border Guard during the occupation of Estonia. A military harbour – the historic Hara submarine base or degaussing station – was constructed nearby. Degaussing was done using underwater technical facilities and enabled ship and submarine hulls to repel magnetic mines. The base was used to study the physical fields of submarines (magnetic field, sound, thermal and optical traces), as well as ultra-long-distance communications. The whole port area used to be a restricted zone.


Owned and operated as visitor centre and small port by Hara harbour

Valuation of authenticity and integrity:

Baseline 1991. The buildings are abandoned and mainly ruined.

Status and access:

Access: Partial. In operational in civilian use. Public access during opening hours using tickets. Climbing on the rocks of the pier and in the abandoned buildings is dangerous.

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