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NATO Command Site

NATO Headquarters

NATO Headquarters

Full name of site:

NATO Headquarters


Av. du Bourget 30, 1130 Bruxelles, Belgien

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The former headquarters of NOTA were first established in London UK (1949-1952), then Paris (1959-1967) and finally Brussels from 1967 till present. IN 1966 the decision of moving NATO headquarters from Paris to Brussels was made and a year later the buildings were completed. In fact they were considered to be temporary but lasted for more or less 50 years. Due to the growth of NATO, from 15 member states in 1967 to 30 at the present time, the buildings were considered to be obsolete and too small for the organisation. In 1999 The North Atlantic Council decided to replace the existing buildings. In 2001 an architecture competition was organised, which was won by American architects and engineering firm SOM in association with Belgian Assar. The new building was officially inaugurated in 2017.



Valuation of authenticity and integrity:

The buildings, being recent constructions, do not have a heritage value. The symbolic value of the site is nevertheless significant and forms a key element in the Cold War as NATO was created in the aftermath of the Second World War as an alliance and mutual assistance organisation.

Status and access:

The site is accessible to the public for professional reasons.

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