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NATO Command Site

NAVO Hoofdkwartier 2ATAF-ATOC JOC Cannerberg

NAVO Hoofdkwartier 2ATAF-ATOC JOC Cannerberg

Full name of site:

NAVO Hoofdkwartier 2ATAF-ATOC JOC Cannerberg / NATO Headquarters ATAF-ATOC JOC Cannerberg


Cannerweg 798, 6213 ND Maastricht, Holland

Operational period:




Primary user:



The site is a former quarry that was used by the German military during the second World War. From 1955 NATO used the site as an interim war headquarters. From 1963 it became a full-time headquarters where 300-400 Dutch, Belgian, German, English and American staff were stationed.

The site provided full protection from nuclear, chemical and biological attack. It is up to 50 meter below the ground and covers an area of over 6 hectares in which 8 km of corridors, 400 offices, two restaurants, a hair salon and a 3-hole artificial grass gold course were housed at the site.


Stichting Limburgs Landschap

Valuation of authenticity and integrity:

Baseline 1993. After closure of the site the interior has been almost completely stripped, partly in an effort to remove asbestos. This leaves a maze of empty corridors with occasional remains of the former users.

Status and access:

Access: Partial. Two hour tours can be booked through Stichting Limburgs Landschap.

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