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RAF Neatishead, Norfolk

RAF Neatishead, Norfolk

Full name of site:

RAF Neatishead, Norfolk


Birds Ln, Norwich NR12 8YB, Storbritannien

Operational period:




Primary user:



RAF Neatishead was established as a radar station in 1940 and by the time of its closure in 2006 was one of the longest continously occupied radar stations in England.

During this time it was upgraded on a number of occasions. In the early 1960s as part of the Linesman programme a Type 84 high power medium to long range surveillance and control radar was constructed. With an increased range of detection and peak power output of 4 megawatts (drawn from on-site generators big enough to provide electricity for a small town) the Type 84 was able to burn through the latest Soviet jamming technology.

The Type 84 radar remained in use until 1993. It is a scheduled monument.



Valuation of authenticity and integrity:

The site comprises multiple structures in varying condition. The 1970s control room survives intact and the Type 84 is believed to be the last large Cold War era radar surviving in Europe.

Status and access:

Part of the site is accessible through a public museum

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