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Munitions Depot

SAS Doornspijk

SAS Doornspijk

Full name of site:

SAS Doornspijk. American Special Ammunition Storage (SAS), Doornspijk


Prins Frederikweg, 8084 't Harde, Holland

Operational period:




Primary user:

Netherlands Army


In 1957 the Netherlands government decided to add nuclear weapons to its arsenal. The weapons would be supplied by the US. Though the nuclear weapons would be owned by the US, the Netherlands army could use them. This required storage facilities where the security of the inner core was provided by the US (23 US Army Field Artillery Detachment), while the security of the outer core was maintained by the Netherlands Army (425 Compagnie Van Heutsz).

The storage facility at Doornspijk held nuclear warheads for the Honest John rocket and nuclear 203 mm grenades. The presence of nuclear weapons in the Netherlands was an important trigger for anti-nuclear and peace demonstrations.


Ministry of Defense

Valuation of authenticity and integrity:

Only the three igloos are preserved

Status and access:

Access: none

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