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Primary Air Base

Zulu Hangar Vliegbasis Soesterberg

Zulu Hangar Vliegbasis Soesterberg

Full name of site:

Zulu Hangar Vliegbasis Soesterberg. Quick Reaction Alert Hangar Soesterberg AFB


Batenburgweg 7, 3769 CB Soesterberg, Holland

Operational period:




Primary user:



The hangar was originally built as a double hangaar in 1954. After a fire in 1966 only the current building remains. It has been used to permanently station 2 USAF fighter planes (32 Tactical Fighter Squadron) at a high state of readiness to be scrambled in case a Soviet airplane entered NATO airspace.


Ministry of Defense

Valuation of authenticity and integrity:

After the departure of the USAF in 1994, the building has been repurposed by the Netherlands Ministry of Defense and has even been threatened by demolition. However, due to its historic value in the context of the Cold War it has been listed for protection by the municipality of Zeist.

Status and access:

Access: none

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