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Education and Training

Training Grounds

Firing range

Soviet air force target firing ground in Zvārde

Soviet air force target firing ground in Zvārde

Full name of site:

Zvārdes mērķpoligons


Zvārdes pagasts, Letland

Operational period:




Primary user:

Soviet Air Force


Zvārde landfill is located in Zvārde municipality, Saldus region. It is a former military aviation training ground of the USSR, covering more than 24 000 hectares.

The territory of the former airfield is home to several sites: the Officers' Kurgan, the ruins of the Zvārde and Ķērkliņi churches, the Rīteļi cemetery, the former army base "Lapsas", and others. The Kurgan was used as an observation point for coordinating the army's training manoeuvres. The mound overlooks the former training ground and the wooded areas of Zvārde Nature Park and Nature Reserve. A good place for bird watching. The surroundings of Kurgāns are not landscaped.


Publicly owned by Local Municipality, some areas are private

Valuation of authenticity and integrity:

Baseline 1991. Main buildings of the landfill are in very bad condition, while most military equipment has been removed.

Status and access:

Access: Partial. In operational in civilian use.

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